Business Intelligence – the art of reporting Big Data

Summarize and visualize all of your business KPIs in one convenient place

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Inteligence covers the processes of collecting, storing, and analyzing data from business operations or activities to optimize performance and bring real-time insights.

These processes create a comprehensive view of a business that helps decision-makers make       data-driven decisions.

Business Intelligence Services

Data Preparation: 

Compile multiple data sources, identify their dimensions and measurements, and prepare them for data analysis.

Descriptive Analytics:

Benchmark business performance, by analyzing historical data, as well as doing data queries to pull specific answers from datasets. 

Statistical Analysis:

Explore the results of descriptive analytics by using statistical models to discover trends in the data.

Data Visualization:

Represent data insights through charts, graphs, and histograms to easily understand data. 

Data Reporting:

Share data analysis insights with stakeholders through reports or dashboards to ease decision-making.

    What are data dashboards?

    • Data dashboards are incredibly useful tools which help you monitor data changes in real-time. 

    • They are a collection of widgets that give you an overview of the reports and metrics you care about most. 
    • Dashboards allow you to easily monitor, customize, and share data with stakeholders to speed up decision-making.