Helping you make the right decisions through data analytics.

 Clouddo uses machine learning and data engineering to make your business data work for you.

Our Data Analytics services

You can count on us to solve advanced data problems and create solutions tailored to your business. 

Data science & Machine learning

Predict critical business outcomes through learning algorithms.

Data Engineering

Our system solutions store, organize and process your business data easily.

Business Intelligence & Data Dashboards

Visualize your KPI to make   better decisions in a single app or dashboard.

We excel in Data Science & Engineering solutions in:

Logistics industry

Maritime industry

Finance industry

Our workflow

This is how we work on projects

Business Evaluation

We work with you to understand your business, which metrics matter to you, and what problem you are trying to solve.

Data understanding
We gather the insights you have
or define what data you need

Preparing Raw Data

We use several methods like data augmentation, wrangling and feature engineering to transform and prepare the raw data for further analysis.

Deploying ML algorithms to the work environment and going live
We deploy Machine Learning solutions as part of existing software architectures and visualize outputs ready for decision-making.

Forecasting & Prototyping

Inference new data with the ML model and prototype it for production

Data modelling
Phase where machine learning algorithms will learn hidden patterns from the data and be ready to aid decision-makers through inference

About Us:

Clouddo is a Bulgarian-based company, established in 2021, specializing in Data Engineering and Data Science. Our team comprises a power duo with a passion for problem-solving and over 18 years of combined experience in the field. Our complementing skillsets allow us to handle various advanced data problems and provide agile solutions for our clients.

Georgi Kovachev

Georgi Kovachev

Data Scientist | Co-Founder

Zhivko Todorov

Zhivko Todorov

Data Engineer | Co-Founder

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